What is Origami?

Origami(折り紙) is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. Ori(折り) means 'to fold' and gami/kami(紙) means 'paper'.

Is it just folding paper? Yes it is, but it's an art. You can make all kinds of things with Origami, such as birds, animals, flowers, planes, boxes etc. If you haven't seen Origami, you will be amazed by what you can do with Origami.

Origami can be used as a gift or you can add it to your greeting card to make your card extra special!

Origami is for people of all ages. It's fun! So try some Origami today!

Origami Instructions

Where to start? Check out some instructions on how to make Origami!

We have Origami Search to search only the Origami instructions related websites, Video Search to search Origami instruction videos, and Origami Links to list useful Origami instruction websites, which we have found.

Origami Books

You can find all kinds of Origami Books here!

There are quick links to 3D Origami, Flower Origami, Kids Origami, Origami Art, Origami Box and Origami Animal, but you can also use your own keyword(s) to search your favourite Origami books!

Origami Papers

Have you ever wondered where to find Origami paper? Actually, you can get them from home!
All kinds of Origami paper are available online and you can find them at Origami Papers. There are quick links to Chiyogami, Japanese Origami Paper, Large Origami Paper, Double Sided Origami Paper and Washi Origami Paper, but you can also use your own keyword(s) to search your favourite Origami paper!