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How to Origami Project

This is the first of many projects that we will be working on for the next few years.

We have so many project ideas that we want to implement, but why did we select How to Origami as the first project?

There are two reasons:

Firstly, How to make Origami was one of the most popular requests from our friends from a different cultural background. They were looking for a one stop place for Origami instructions, Origami books and Origami papers.

Secondly, it is because we thought Origami was a good example of what we were trying to achieve through our Monozukuri mission.

Origami is originally from Japan, but now known in many countries and accepted globally. A culture left its homeland and went into the outside world, and is enriched by contact with other cultures.

There is something in common between Origami and us (Chocolat Sisters). We both left the coutry, where we were born, and now live in a different country with a different language and a different culture. We've learned a lot from the different cultures. Our lives are enriched by contact with other cultures.

Well, to be honest, living in a different culture is not always easy, but we learned to appreciate the difference and we believe experiencing many different cultures hepled us to become who we are today - multicultural web developers with an open mind and a big heart!

Thanks to the internet, you don't have to live in or travel to a different country to learn and experience a different culture. You can now learn and experience it from your home. To help you with it, we have created this How to Origami website for you.

Chocolat Sisters (Developers)

We formed the Chocolat Sisters in 2005 after winning the first and second prizes at a Web Design Competition organized by LinkShare Japan.(now Rakuten LinkShare (Japan))

We live in two different hemispheres, two different(opposite!) seasons, two different countries and two different time zones with different skills, different backgrounds and different personalities, but somehow we became as close as real sisters. And surprisingly, we really do work well together!

Brief Profiles of the Chocolat Sisters:

Udsheep (Undefeated Sheep)
  • Web Writer/Programmer living in New Zealand
  • Providing Web Writing/Programming services locally and internationally with Diploma in Internet Technology / Qualified Google AdWords Professional / BA in Psychology
  • Happily(?) never married
  • A former Tour Consultant/Coordinator, Desktop Publisher, Radio Correspondent, Column Writer, Translater, Community Support Professional(Mental Health Support Worker), Employment Consultant etc.
  • Fluent in Japanese, English, PHP, SQL, HTML, Javascript and more
  • Lived in Japan, Fiji and New Zealand
  • Web Designer living in Germany
  • Providing Web Design services locally and internationally at design maf with Mediengestalterin für Digital- und Printmedien (Qualified Media designer for digital and print media in Germany)
  • Happily married
  • A former Professional Ballet Dancer
  • Fluent in Japanese, German, English, HTML, CSS, Javascript and more
  • Lived in Japan, England and Germany

Chocolat Sisters' Monozukuri Mission

Monozukuri(ものづくり) is the term used to describe the Japanese Art of Manufacturing. Mono(もの) means 'things' and zukuri(づくり) means 'making'.
There are three points in our mission.

  1. Create innovative web applications
  2. with the multicultural network
  3. using a multicultural business model

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